Episode 101: Lake Vostok Monster and Dyatlov Pass Incident

Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast Episode 101: Lake Vostok and Dyatlov Pass


Topic starts at 30:56

– In this episode, we travel to the frigid, near-inhospitable locations of Antarctica near the South Pole and Siberia, Russia


– Oscar Spectir walks us through the mystery of Lake Vostok and the terrifying Antarctic cryptid known only as “Organism 46-B”


– We travel 9,700 miles from Lake Vostok, Antartica, to the Ural Mountains in Russia and discuss the frightening Dyatlov Pass Incident


– Igor Dyatlov:


– The Survivor, Yuri Yudin:


– Aleksander Kolevatov:


– Lyudmila Dubinina:


– Nikolay Thibeaux-Brignolle:


– Rustem Slobodin:


– Semyon Zolotaryov:


– Yuri Doroshenko:


– Yuri Krivonischenko:


– Zinaida Kolmogorova:


– Yuri Krivonischenko’s last photo taken at Dyatlov Pass. What is it? Is this what killed all 9 people?:


– Dyatlov Pass “Menk” (Yeti) photo:


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