Chicago’s Own: Supernatural Occurrence Studies is a paranormal research team out of, you guessed it, Chicago, Illinois. Together, members of SOS have been researching the paranormal for nearly 20-years, both in Chicago and abroad. We proudly bring you The Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast, a fortnightly podcast dedicated to all things strange and off-kilter: ghosts, aliens, conspiracy, cryptids, and anything…not quite right. This is the ONLY paranormal podcast that dares to take listeners on the road and into REAL haunted/hexed/alien-visited locations. Now YOU can experience firsthand what it's like to be immersed in the otherworldly! You never know what's going to happen on a podcast adventure or who (or what) we will bump into. Rest assured, kind visitor, while we are out risking life and limb to bring you stories, you will be safe and sound in your warm, comfortable surroundings. Or will you? Cue scary music now....

Jason Nhyte

.Podcast Host.
.SOS Founder.

.Husband. Idea Man.
.Paranormal Sensitivity Level = Cement Brick.

Dave Black

.SOS Co-Founder.
.Constant Skeptic.
.Professional Comedian.
.Hunter & Gatherer.
.Paranormal Sensitivity Level = Off the Charts.

Joe Erie

.SOS Co-Founder.
.Father. Husband.
.Perpetual Believer.
.The Paranormal Jeff Spicoli (Google it).
.Paranormal Sensitivity Level = Off the Charts.

Oscar Spectir

.Film & TV Expert.
.Paranormal Sensitivity Level = Nano-Kevlar.


This is what you've come for! To laugh. To cry. To be scared. To be amazed. Follow us to abandoned cemeteries, haunted houses, murder sites, and infamous locations. Click the links to your favorite podcast catcher and subscribe to The Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast. We love to read reviews on the show! Be sure to give us a rating on iTunes, and if we read YOUR review, we just might send you something pretty.

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25 Feb 2018

Haunting Taxonomy – A NEW Science for Classifying Hauntings

HAUNTING DOMAINS: There are two main forms of energies that create a haunting, and possibly a third. – Communis – Arguably the most common type of haunting, Communis or collective energy is often experienced in normally crowded places such as movie theaters, bars, night clubs, churches, funeral homes, and the like. Communis energy is essentially derived mostly from living human beings experiencing boisterous or emotional activity in an enclosed space.  It is a collective energy of many living people that imprints […]

01 Sep 2017


THE VISIT It was a Saturday night, just a few weeks ago September 10th and into the 11th 2016.  The paranormal incidents were increasing since I started paying attention again, and realized I had a new way to communicate with energy that I previously didn’t believe had a consciousness. But that’s a story for another time. It was 5am. I normally don’t recall my dreams in great detail…but this one was different. I was having a dream that Jay, Joe, and […]

30 Apr 2017

The Bubble – How Our Presence Holds Items In Our Reality

The Bubble “You live in a bubble.”  A common phrase often slung as an insult in the political arena, to describe someone who has a coddled lifestyle.  Whether through wealth, class, upbringing, or where someone lives, “Living in a bubble” insulates them from the “real world”.  How could a trust fund kid possibly understand the plight of someone that grew up with a single mother living in Section 8 housing? How could someone who has spent their entire life in […]

17 Nov 2016

Crazy Ghost Activity Caught on Video!!! Jason Nhyte SOS-RADIO Podcast Host

READ THE NOTES BELOW FOR DETAILED TIME STAMPS. TURN THE VOLUME UP. I believe the energy was “charging” itself, as evident with the lights acting weird, before it could manifest physically (moving the chair). 07:12 – 07:15 – I have NO idea what that popping/snapping sound is! 08:33 – Motion sensor light turns off – Completely normal. 10:04 – Fluorescent lights turn on – Completely NOT NORMAL. 10:10 – Fluorescent lights POP off – NOT NORMAL. 10:11.5 – Fluorescent lights […]

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    SOS’ “Ghostly Images” Series 1 – Batchelor Grove Cemetery I


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