Episode 152: Long Island Serial Killer – The Victims

Topic starts at 21:05

Introducing one of the most infamous serial murder cases in American History. The Long Island Serial Killer may be responsible for murdering at least 18 young women across the US. Victims were found on the south shore of Long Island, and in Manorville, NY, Las Vegas, NV, and Atlantic City, NJ, and they all share eerie similarities. The victims were sex workers who advertised their services online, namely on Craig’s List. Most were petite, between 22 to 27-years-old, with hazel or green eyes. Many were found lying face down near a body of water and wrapped in burlap or cloth with their heads facing east. Some were found bound by belts or tape, and when a cause of death could be determined, most were killed by strangulation, while others were horribly dismembered and their body parts scattered. Since the mid-1990s, the Long Island Serial Killer operated undetected, and it wasn’t until 2010, in an accidental twist of fate, that this horrible story was finally exposed. Get ready for one of the most heinous, conspiracy-laden, twisty-turney stories you’ll ever hear.

Shannan Gilbert – Missing from Oak Beach Association

Joseph Brewer – Hired Shannan Gilbert for “Companionship”

Michael Pak – Shannan Gilbert’s Driver

Mari and Sarra Gilbert – Shannan’s Mother and Sister

Amber Costello – Gilgo 4

Maureen Brainard-Barnes – Gilgo 4

Megan Waterman – Gilgo 4

Melissa Barthelemy – Gilgo 4

Jessica Taylor – Manorville and Gilgo

Valerie Mack – Manorville and Gilgo

Karen Vergata – Fire Island and Ocean Parkway

Barbara Breidor – Atlantic City

Molly Dilts – Atlantic City

Kim Raffo – Atlantic City

Tracy Ann Roberts – Atlantic City

Jessica Foster – Las Vegas

Jodi Brewer – Las Vegas

Lindsay Marie Harris – Las Vegas

Victoria Camara – Las Vegas

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