Episode 55: BIG NEWS and Recap of Nevada Extraterrestrial & Ghost Odyssey Episodes

Episode 55: BIG NEWS and Recap of Nevada Extraterrestrial & Ghost Odyssey Episodes

Topics include:
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– In this episode, we go behind the scenes and recap each location we visited during our Nevada Extraterrestrial & Ghost Odyssey podcast releases.  Be sure to check out our YouTube channel for videos from our Nevada trip.

Episode 48: The Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada

Episode 49: Interview with Alien Expert Ken Langley “Agent 0051” in Rachel, Nevada (Area 51)

Episode 50: XXX Live from Dennis Hof’s Alien Cathouse in Amargosa Valley, Nevada

Episode 51: Live From Area 51 Back Gate and the Black Mail Box (ET Highway)

Episode 52: Live From the Famous Little A’Le Inn in Rachel, Nevada

Episode 53: Live From the Ghost Town of Rhyolite, Nevada

Episode 54: BONUS Mysterious Shrine In the Nevada Desert in Alamo, Nevada

– Outtakes!  Listen after the show for drunken madness!

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– During the recording of Episode 52: Live from the famous Little A’Le’ Inn in Rachel, Nevada, we ran into Fearful Jesuit, host of the Paranoid Strain Podcast.  Super cool guy.  Great podcast on conspiracy theory for dummies.  Check out Paranoid Strain on iTunes and please leave them a rating.

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