Episode 56: Chicago Ripper Crew

Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast Episode 56: Chicago Ripper Crew


Topic starts at: 22:30

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– WARNING: This episode is not for the faint of heart or the squeamish. Listener beware!

– There is a dark piece of Chicago history that is often forgotten. Maybe it’s better forgotten.  Between May 23, 1981, and October 8, 1982, in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, the most brutal killing spree in the history of the Midwest took place. Twenty women, probably more, were subjected to kidnapping, rape, brutalization, mutilation, paraphilia, and even cannibalism. Even more shocking is that these heinous crimes were committed by an organized group of men!

– What was the Chicago Ripper Crew?

– Who were Ripper Crew victims and what happened to them?

– Where are Ripper Crew members now?

– What does John Wayne Gacy, the infamous killer clown who murdered 33 young men, and the Chicago Ripper Crew have to do with one another?

– Photos of the Ripper Crew:

– Listen after the episode for crazy outtakes!

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