Episode 137: Nostradamus – Part 1

Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast Episode 137: Nostradamus – Part 1


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– Nostradamus is a name synonymous with predictions of the future, or prophecy. A 16th-century physician and astrologer, Nostradamus is most famous for a book he wrote in 1555 called Les Prophéties, which contained 942 “quatrains” that allegedly prophesize calamitous future events. Bloody wars, threats of earthly destruction from above and below, atomic bombs, the assassination of John F Kennedy, 9-11, the Corona Virus, and even the rise of three Anti-Christs. It’s said that upwards of two-thirds of Nostradamus’s 942 predictions have come true, making him the single most accurate prophet in history. Nostradamus’s quatrains have been studied for centuries, and if he really is the most accurate prophet in history, that means we have yet to experience over 300 of his terrifying predictions for humanity.

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