Episode 134: Zip Code Unavailable

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– Towns and cities are defined by more than population and how many square miles they possess. Towns and cities are proudly defined by their age and their ability to stay alive and active throughout decades and centuries. Towns and cities are characters in the grand stories of people’s lives. There is melancholy when disaster hits. Joy when a building is erected or a playground is dedicated. Remorse when violence breaks out. It is difficult to imagine that colorful metropolises like Sydney, Paris, New York, or Chicago will one day be forgotten by time. To their citizens, these cities feel like they will always be around. But, if we are using time as an indicator, that means these great cities will one day be gone. Do you think the people of ancient Babylon or Troy or Carthage thought that their beloved city was going to last forever? Of course, they did. Whether it’s through the changing of kingdoms, or wars, or a cloud of ash, like in Pompeii, cities and towns have a lifespan; an undeterminable lifespan. It is guaranteed that at some point in the distant future, people will be baffled by the giant HOLLYWOOD sign sitting atop the hills overlooking what was once Los Angeles, California. In this podcast episode, we’re going to explore towns and cities that either time, or humanity, has forgotten. Since a big component of the supernatural centers around what we don’t know, it isn’t much of a leap to discover, or rediscover, some of these lost characters, which are steeped in what’s weird about our world and drenched in the strange customs of mankind. We have chosen to talk primarily about locations that have been photographed, locations that can be researched, and locations whose whereabouts experts agree upon. So, sit back, relax, and travel the world with us as we rediscover mysterious lost and sunken cities.

– Lost City of Petra – Jordan:

– Lost City of Leptis Magna – Libya:

– Lost City of Göbekli Tepe – Turkey:

– Lost City of Calakmul – Mexico:

– Lost City of Caral – Peru:

– Lost City of Sanchi – India:

– Lost City of Memphis – Egypt:

– Lost City of Sukhothai – Thailand:

– Lost City of Persepolis – Iran:

– Lost City of Pompeii – Italy:

– Sunken City of Helike – Greece:

– Lost City of Herculaneum – Italy:

– Sunken City of Port Royal – Jamaica:

– Sunken City of Alexandria – Egypt:

– Sunken City of Shi Chang – China:

– Lost City of Carthage – Tunisia:

– Lost City of Derinkuyu – Turkey:

– Lost City of Machu Picchu – Peru:

– Lost City of Lagunita – Mexico:

– Lost City of Mesa Verde – Colorado:

– Sunken City of Dwarka – India:

– Lost City of Ciudad Perdida – Columbia:

– Sunken City of Yonaguni-Jima – Japan:

– Lost City of Troy – Turkey:

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