Episode 111: The Chicago 51

Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast Episode 111: The Chicago 51
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Episode starts at: 37:00


– Is a serial killer stalking the gritty streets and alleyways of Chicago, IL? Since 2001, there have been 51 unsolved murders of at-risk women from some of Chicago’s roughest neighborhoods, and ALL victims share striking similarities!

– Up-close and personal: Strangulation as a method of murder

– We list each victim and their manner of death. Can you pick out the similarities?

– What makes a serial killer: Desires and Motives

– We chose 6 victims and dive deeper into their backstories. Remember, they were people, not just numbers.

– How does the Chicago Police Department respond to the possibility of a serial killer?

– Outtakes after the show!

– Picture of Arthur Hilliard:

– Link to Google Victim Map https://tinyurl.com/t8e27gz

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