Re-introducing Our Very First Episode!

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Here it is in all of its glory! The VERY FIRST episode of the Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast, formally the SOS-Radio Podcast!


We needed to take a break this week, so we decided to re-release our first ever podcast episode. We were nervous, a little tipsy, and the sound quality is iffy, but, this is our origin story and we’re proud of it. Hear how Supernatural Occurrence Studies and the Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast came to be. Learn about the host’s backgrounds and why

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Original episode show notes below:
Chicago’s Own: Supernatural Occurrence Studies (SOS) is an eclectic bunch offering up ideas and theories from kaleidoscopic backgrounds. Members of SOS include mediums, a comedian, a musician, a streetwise journalist, a professional lecturer, and a talented multi-media producer. Find out their backstories and hear them explain what enticed them to love the paranormal.

In this episode, SOS Founder and Host of the Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast, Jason Nhyte, explains his harrowing experiences with an entity he dubbed, Mr. Lincoln.

WARNING: sleeplessness, visual phenomenon, and paranoia are all associated with entities like Mr. Lincoln. Simply having knowledge of their existence may lead to the aforementioned symptoms. Listener beware.

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