Episode 106: Merry Yuletide

Topics Include:


– This episode was recorded on December 20th, also known as “Mothernight” in Norse Pagan tradition, the first night of Yule

– Where do modern Christmas traditions come from? In this Yuletide episode, special guest, Minister Sal, ordained Goði and Asatru chieftain, explains the ancient beliefs and practices of the Norse Pagan

– “Wyrd” but true! Norse Pagan origins of Christmas, Santa Claus, Santa’s reindeer, Jack Frost, Christmas trees, mistletoe, the 12 Days of Christmas, Star of Bethlehem, New Year’s resolutions, and more!

– The gods explained: Odin, Thor, Loki, Hel, Freyr, Baldur and more!

– To learn more about the Asatru community, visit www.theasatrucommunity.org

– To learn more about the Wolves of the North, Minister Sal’s Kindred, visit https://www.facebook.com/WoftN/

– Suggested reading:

Essential Asatru: Walking the Path of Norse Paganism https://tinyurl.com/vybgsyu

The Younger Eddas of Snorre Sturleson https://tinyurl.com/u57rp8g

The Elder Edda: A Book of Viking Lore https://tinyurl.com/tsfwuyf

The Prose Edda: Norse Mythology https://tinyurl.com/tbgdva8

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman https://tinyurl.com/rfxgerj

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