Episode 99: Zodiac Killer Part 2

(Topic starts at 27:20)

The self-named “Zodiac” Killer, is directly linked to 5 murders, and two attempted murders, in Northern California in 1968 and 1969, and was likely responsible for more, possibly up to 37! No one knows for sure who the Zodiac Killer really was. His identity is one of America’s greatest unsolved mysteries, like our own Jack the Ripper. But, unfortunately, he did exist, and he left behind not only a trail of bodies but a lot of creepy clues, too.

In this episode, we cover:

– The Zodiac Cyphers

– Possible Zodiac crimes

– Possible Zodiac suspects

– Listen after the show for outtakes!

– Zodiac Symbol:

– Zodiac as Described by Bryan Hartnell:

– Hartnell-Shepard Witness Police Sketch:

– Paul Stein Witness Police Sketch:

– Arthur Leigh Allen 1970 Driver License:

– Bruce Davis 1969 Mug Shot:

– Marvin Belli On-air Conversation with “Zodiac” Transcript: https://bit.ly/2HER4wD

– Complete Z-408 Cypher:

– Complete Z-340 Cypher:

– Complete Z-13 Cypher:

– Complete Z-32 Cypher:

– Zodiac Bomb Schematics:

– Karmann Ghia Door Note:

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