Episode 83: Resurrection Mary

Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast Episode 83: Resurrection Mary



– We venture out to Resurrection Cemetery and Chet’s Melody Lounge to learn about Resurrection Mary, a beautiful phantom hitchhiker that has haunted the suburbs of Chicago for over 80-years      

– Four locations coalesce and form the legend of Resurrection Mary: Archer Avenue, Resurrection Cemetery (https://bit.ly/2TvqVDV), Willowbrook Ballroom (https://bit.ly/2VyoQco), and Chet’s Melody Lounge (https://bit.ly/2RchhJY)

– Listen to interviews and frightening Resurrection Mary encounters

– See video of the bent Resurrection Cemetery bars here: https://bit.ly/2Rgw1av

– Hear a fun listener voicemail!

– Outtakes after the show!

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