Episode 77: LIVE from HAUNTED Kelley's Island Wine Company

Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast Episode 77: LIVE from HAUNTED Kelley’s Island Wine Company

Topics include:

– Our Haunted Ohio Podcast Trip rolls on as the Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast visits HAUNTED Kelley’s Island Wine Company https://www.kelleysislandwineco.com/

– We interview Abbey Rosado, general manager of Kelley’s Island Wine Company, and Kirt and Robby Zettler, winery owners, to get their creepy first-hand stories of the haunting

– Dave Black and Joe Erie do a walkthrough of Kelley’s Island Wine Company in an attempt to pinpoint paranormal “hot spots”. What did they find?

– Ghosts, burial mounds, lake monsters and more!

– NOTE: The bone we found turned out to likely be from a deer

– NOTE: After further research from Kelleys Island Historian, Leslie Korenko https://www.amazon.com/Leslie-Korenko/e/B002G3W5IO there is NO proof that a serpent geoglyph every existed on Kelley’s Island

– Visit this winery! Great people, great food and ghosts…on an island! What more can you ask for? Tell them Supernatural Occurrence Studies sent you! Kelley’s Island Wine Company – 418 Woodford Rd, Kelley’s Island, OH 43438 – (419) 746-2678

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