Episode 40: LIVE From Area 51 and ET Highway

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Topics include:


– Live podcast from the Extraterrestrial mecca…ET Highway and Rachel, Nevada – the closest populated area to top secret Area 51

– Travel with Jason Nhyte and guest, Randy Tucker, owner/operator of www.SomeWhereOutThereRadio.com and alien expert

– Visit The Alien Research Center, a quirky, alien themed gift shop on ET Highway, and listen to a fascinating interview with shop worker, Desiree

– Ride shotgun as we drive ET Highway at night, scanning the skies for signs of ET

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– What happened when we visited Little A’Le’Inn, a famous restaurant/bar in Rachel, NV where alien enthusiasts, abductees, conspiracy theorists…and maybe even an alien or two, congregate and swap stories?


– Music for this episode: World’s Most Scariest Dark Ambient Music | Best Scariest Ambient Horror Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmAigNs72Ro

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