Episode 34: Glacial Erratic with Jason Yancey

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Topics include:


– Meet Glacial Erratic expert, Jason Yancey and discover his research into megalithic stone structures, piezoelectricity and ancient man.

– Listeners may remember Jason Yancey as an interview subject during our Bridgewater Triange Adventure series of podcasts. To hear our serendipitous encounter with Jason, which turned into a fascinating interview, follow this link http://bit.ly/2BplZvh and begin listening at 36:54

– Discover the mysterious world of Glacial Erratics

– What

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– Are erratics a form of “free energy”?

– Music for this episode: The Temptations – Papa Was a Rollin Stone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jzly6jrepRU

– Visit Jason Yancey online and view videos of his research.
For GLACIAL ERRATIC: http://bit.ly/2kj78Ji
For CHEMICAL TRAILS: http://bit.ly/2lgssNY

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