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JASON NHYTE .Podcast Host. .SOS Founder. .Father. .Husband. Idea Man. .Paranormal Sensitivity Level = Cement Brick.
OSCAR SPECTIR .Co-host. .Producer. .Podcaster. .Cinematographer. .Writer. .Film & TV Expert. .Paranormal Sensitivity Level = Nano-Kevlar.
DAVE BLACK . Occasional Co-host. .SOS Co-Founder. .Clairsensitive. .Constant Skeptic. .Professional Comedian. .Hunter & Gatherer. .Paranormal Sensitivity Level = Off the Charts
JOE ERIE .Occasional Co-host. .SOS Co-Founder. .Clairsensitive. .Musician. .Father. Husband. .Perpetual Believer. .The Paranormal Jeff Spicoli (Google it). .Paranormal Sensitivity Level = On another planet

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