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Question: May I use different header images?
Answer: By default, this theme uses one same background image for all posts and pages. However, with small adjustments you may insert various header images onto each and every page and post, including Events posts. View Help documentation (included).

Question: May I use gallery on different pages and posts?
Answer: Yes. Default WordPress gallery shortcode is modified and is ready to be used on any regular post or page. You may preview how it looks on Gallery page, page with default template and regular post.

Question: Is theme mobile ready?
Answer: Yes. With implementation of media queries the theme looks and works pretty well on any screen resolution. However, it was tested live only on iPhone 4S, iOS7, latest Safari. You may view iPhone screenshot gallery here. If you will notice non-ideal view on some other device you may always adjust media queries or ask me related questions.

Question: Are images retina devices ready?
Answer: Yes. All theme images are big and look fine on retina devices. For post images (small one) like you see on About page, double-size equivalent was prepared. Retina.js is included into theme folder. Your job is only to prepare your post images in two versions: regular one and @2x.jpg (png).

Question: Does the theme include shortcodes?
Answer: No. The theme is shortcode free. Work in normal and familiar WordPress Tiny MCE editor environment and do not bloat your posts with all kinds of shortcodes–which are so difficult to convert into normal html in case you will switch the theme.

Question: Is the theme translation ready?
Answer: Yes. What is called textdomain is used everywhere in theme itself and plugins. Related functions are added. However, it might be absent in some javascript files. You might need to translate corresponding portions of text (very small) in js files. After that you may generate .po and .mo files with free Poedit software.

Question: May I change colour scheme?
Answer: Yes, but via CSS only. Apart plain colours the theme uses all kinds of gradients, rgba shadows, rgba borders, backgrounds and borders with certain percent of opacity and so on. There is no easy way to allow access to these things by implementing into theme options just colour picker or something like that. Therefore, if you wish to change colours, go through the main stylesheet and change colours of buttons, borders, links, backgrounds etc–one by one.

Question: May I change typefaces?
Answer: Yes. If you familiar with method of linking Google fonts to theme functions you may easily choose other fonts. If you know how to remove used in the theme font@face kits from CSS file, to generate another webfont kit(s) and insert into CSS file–the answer is definitely “yes”.

Question: Must I use all page templates and plugins coming with the theme?
Answer: Not at all. You may use all of theme or select only those you really need in your website and delete those you will not use. Removing / deleting page template files and plugins absolutely does not affect how the theme will work (i.e. it will work properly whether you use some page template or related widget or you do not).

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