It was a Saturday night, just a few weeks ago September 10th and into the 11th 2016.  The paranormal incidents were increasing since I started paying attention again, and realized I had a new way to communicate with energy that I previously didn’t believe had a consciousness. But that’s a story for another time.
It was 5am. I normally don’t recall my dreams in great detail…but this one was different. I was having a dream that Jay, Joe, and I were investigating a somewhat nondescript apartment or condo. Within this dream as I moved about the space I kept feeling something pulling or picking at my shirt and whenever I turned around, Joe was nearby. I accused him of messing with me and he swore up an down it wasn’t him. Then as we approached the darkened living room, that had no furniture in it, I was struck with a heavy energy presence and I collapsed on the floor in the fetal position.
Then I snapped awake, in a bed, in what I thought was the apartment we were investigating later on that night, and there at the foot of the bed stood a silhouette of of small person. Maybe a teenage boy about 13 or 14. About 5’2-5’3 with short hair, just standing there, watching me. I could clearly see the outline of this person back-lit against the streetlights peeking in through the window shades. My first and only thought, besides paralyzing fear was, “This is what everyone talks about. This is the figure standing at the foot of the bed. This is my Bigfoot encounter.” I wanted to push past the fear and embrace it, I immediately tried to talk to it “Who are you? What do you want? How can I help you?” partly because I wanted to communicate with it, partly because I wanted to alert Joe and Jay wherever they were without scaring the entity off. But I couldn’t get the words out, and simultaneously I was trying to touch it with my foot but couldn’t move. I was disoriented and scared, but it still stood there, looking and me, slowly swaying from side to side and cocking it’s head a bit. This went on for at least 30 seconds and I tried to get over the crippling fear I was feeling to embrace a rarely experienced phenomenon.
Then as I blinked, I realized I wasn’t in some dreamworld haunted apartment, but my own bed, in my own place. And as quickly as I realized that, the shadow figure became a shadow on the wall behind where it was standing. I am pretty certain I was having nothing more than a sleep paralysis episode, and what I had just experienced was my brain turning a shadow on the wall into a menacing figure to fit the crippling fear of not being able to move while you’re mostly concious. But when I got up out of bed, to go use the bathroom I felt a very heavy presence in the foyer on the way. There was definitely and energy present in my apartment, and I still don’t know if it was the cause of what I was seeing, or if it actually WAS what I was seeing. But I talked to it and told it it can’t come to me while I was sleeping because it was going to fritz out my brain and make me have a heart attack.
Whatever it is, it hung around for a few days and I tried to communicate with it a few times to no avail. My landlord’s sister passed away in this house, and I attempted to subtlety describe to him what I saw without directly asking him if his sister was petite with short hair, but got no definitive answer.
A couple things have made me doubt the entity was actually there. The fact I could clearly see the outline of the figure even though I didn’t have my glasses on and the fact that it literally would have been standing in my dog who was at the foot of my bed the whole time, who I am sure would have reacted in some way.
Even though I am 99% sure it was my brain messing with me, and with all the other things I have experienced, this incident is one of the craziest things I have ever experienced.
There’s a couple other details…but I’ll share those on the show when I discuss this incident.

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