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04 Mar 2018

Episode 61: Dark Side Of The Kingdom

Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast Episode 61: Dark Side Of The Kingdom Topics include: Listen to “Episode 61: Dark Side Of The Kingdom” on Spreaker. – Dave Black and Jason Nhyte develop a BRAND NEW scientific system for classifying hauntings.  To read the system in its entirety, click here – Is Florida’s Walt Disney World Resort really the happiest place on Earth? – We discuss Disney conspiracy theories, park deaths, little known facts, and of course, ghosts! – We read listener reviews […]

25 Feb 2018

Haunting Taxonomy – A NEW Science for Classifying Hauntings

HAUNTING DOMAINS: There are two main forms of energies that create a haunting, and possibly a third. – Communis – Arguably the most common type of haunting, Communis or collective energy is often experienced in normally crowded places such as movie theaters, bars, night clubs, churches, funeral homes, and the like. Communis energy is essentially derived mostly from living human beings experiencing boisterous or emotional activity in an enclosed space.  It is a collective energy of many living people that imprints […]