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11 Jan 2016

Episode 6: ON AIR Sessions with Charlie Charlie Challenge, Ouija Board & EVP

Listen to “Episode 6: LIVE Sessions with Charlie Charlie Challenge, Ouija Board & EVP” on Spreaker. Podcast Episode 6 topics include: – Jason Nhyte & Joe Erie’s very recent ghostly encounters – On air session of the viral Charlie Charlie Challenge – On air Ouija Board session – Real-time EVP session – Did they capture any evidence? Listen and find out! – Outtakes (Explicit) – Supernatural Occurrence Studies T-shirts are here!  Order yours today and support the show!  Hurry!  They’re […]

28 Dec 2015

Episode 5 Holiday Edition: The Infamous Morseland Music Room & Pagan Holiday Traditions

Podcast Episode 5 topics include: Listen to “EP5 – Holiday Edition: The Infamous Morseland Music Room & Pagan Holiday Traditions” on Spreaker. – Our 1st investigation: Morseland Music Room and the energies encountered there (SOS and eyewitness accounts) – The gruesome Morseland murder – SOS’ NEW compelling theory linking the BLACK DAHLIA murder to the Morseland Music Room murder – Chicago’s infamous Lipstick Murders and the possible link to the Morseland Music Room murder – Special guest: “Minister Sal” discusses […]

15 Dec 2015

Chicago’s Own: Supernatural Occurrence Studies’ Jason Nhyte on Cancel the Cabal with Stephen Roberts 12-13-15

Jason Nhyte spent an hour talking about different paranormal topics with Stephen Roberts, self-proclaimed “corruption exposing journalist” and government conspiracy expert, and host of Cancel the Cabal internet radio show. Cancel the Cabal is syndicated worldwide and can be listened to on Peoples Internet Radio, FreedomSlips.com, BBSRadio.com and PSNRadio.com Topics of our 1-hour discussion include: Ghosts, Hauntings, Shadow People, Alternate Realities, More… Click Here for Audio & Video Interview – Supernatural Occurrence Studies T-shirts are here!  Order yours today and […]

14 Dec 2015

Episode 4: Theorizing 101

Podcast Episode 4 “Theorizing 101” Topics Include: Listen to “EP4 – Theorizing 101” on Spreaker. – More about the hosts and unique SOS theories – Children as paranormal receptors – Does upbringing decide paranormal sensitivity – Paranormal sensitivity as a hereditary trait – Symbiotic nature of ghosts (Trace Energy) – What it feels like to encounter ghosts (Trace Energy) – Did Dave Black channel a ghost (Trace Energy) and bring it home with him – Infinity – Outtakes (explicit) – […]

28 Nov 2015

Episode 3: The VERY Haunted Robinson Woods Indian Burial Ground and Our Ghostly Experiences There

In this episode of the podcast: Listen to “Episode 3: Our ghostly experiences at the VERY Haunted Robinson Woods Indian Burial Ground” on Spreaker. We venture into the mysterious confines of Robinson Woods Indian Burial Ground (Chee-Chee-Pin-Quay Woods) and detail our experiences there. This is the location that started it all for Chicago’s Own: Supernatural Occurrence Studies. Here we captured our first “ghostly” photograph. Here Dave Black, SOS co-founder and medium, learned of his mediumship abilities. Arguably one of the […]

28 Nov 2015

Episode 2: Meet the Eclectic Hosts of The Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast

Listen to “Episode 2: Meet the Eclectic Hosts of SOS-Radio.com Podcast” on Spreaker. Chicago’s Own: Supernatural Occurrence Studies (SOS) is an eclectic bunch offering up ideas and theories from kaleidoscopic backgrounds. Members of SOS include mediums, a comedian, a musician, a street wise journalist, a professional lecturer and a talented multi-media producer. Find out their backstories and hear them explain what enticed them to love the paranormal. In this episode, SOS Founder and Host of the Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast, […]

26 Nov 2015

Batchelor Grove Cemetery – World’s Most Haunted?

143rd & Midlothian Turnpike – Bremen Township, IL GPS Coordinates: +41° 37′ 50.80″, -87° 46′ 14.51″ A two-headed monster. Floating orbs of light. A mysterious woman in white. An Outfit goon. A glowing monk. A phantom horse and carriage. Unearthly growls. Satanists. Decapitated bodies. Demon dogs and a disappearing house. Sound like an unbelievable nightmare? That’s exactly what hundreds, thousands, of people from all walks of life claim to experience at one of Illinois’ – and quite possibly the world’s […]

07 Nov 2015

Frequencies – Dave Black’s Theory on Why We Experience Paranormal Phenomenon

Since a very young age, I realized I possess something most people don’t.  Visions would pop into my mind moments before they happened.  Words would pop into my head moments before they were said.  I would think of someone moments before they called me on the phone or bumped into me somewhere.  I never fully understood what it all meant.  I figured everyone experienced such events – and many people do.  But for me, this was happening seven or eight […]

07 Nov 2015

Infinity: Chicago’s Own: Supernatural Occurrence Studies’ Controversial Outlook on Hauntings

To understand what infinity truly means, one must first let go of the actual concept of perception itself.  Our reality is exactly that – it’s our reality.  Essentially, everything we believe, see, feel, hear and experience is false, or not entirely true.  As an example, we may see the sky as blue.  A cat may see it in shades of gray.  Meaning, the sky isn’t necessarily blue, that’s just the way our eyes perceive it.  This simple example is true […]