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28 Nov 2015

Episode 2: Meet the Eclectic Hosts of The Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast

Listen to “Episode 2: Meet the Eclectic Hosts of SOS-Radio.com Podcast” on Spreaker. Chicago’s Own: Supernatural Occurrence Studies (SOS) is an eclectic bunch offering up ideas and theories from kaleidoscopic backgrounds. Members of SOS include mediums, a comedian, a musician, a street wise journalist, a professional lecturer and a talented multi-media producer. Find out their backstories and hear them explain what enticed them to love the paranormal. In this episode, SOS Founder and Host of the Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast, […]

26 Nov 2015

Batchelor Grove Cemetery – World’s Most Haunted?

143rd & Midlothian Turnpike – Bremen Township, IL GPS Coordinates: +41° 37′ 50.80″, -87° 46′ 14.51″ A two-headed monster. Floating orbs of light. A mysterious woman in white. An Outfit goon. A glowing monk. A phantom horse and carriage. Unearthly growls. Satanists. Decapitated bodies. Demon dogs and a disappearing house. Sound like an unbelievable nightmare? That’s exactly what hundreds, thousands, of people from all walks of life claim to experience at one of Illinois’ – and quite possibly the world’s […]

07 Nov 2015

Frequencies – Dave Black’s Theory on Why We Experience Paranormal Phenomenon

Since a very young age, I realized I possess something most people don’t.  Visions would pop into my mind moments before they happened.  Words would pop into my head moments before they were said.  I would think of someone moments before they called me on the phone or bumped into me somewhere.  I never fully understood what it all meant.  I figured everyone experienced such events – and many people do.  But for me, this was happening seven or eight […]

07 Nov 2015

Infinity: Chicago’s Own: Supernatural Occurrence Studies’ Controversial Outlook on Hauntings

To understand what infinity truly means, one must first let go of the actual concept of perception itself.  Our reality is exactly that – it’s our reality.  Essentially, everything we believe, see, feel, hear and experience is false, or not entirely true.  As an example, we may see the sky as blue.  A cat may see it in shades of gray.  Meaning, the sky isn’t necessarily blue, that’s just the way our eyes perceive it.  This simple example is true […]