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24 Jul 2017

Episode 46: Reading the Signs

The Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast Episode 46: Reading the Signs Topics include: Listen to “Episode 46: Reading The Signs” on Spreaker. He’s back!  Renowned Psychic Medium, Dylan Bell, gives his feedback and insight on the amazing readings he provided the SOS-RADIO Podcast crew in episode 37 (listen to episode 37 here).  Dylan blew our minds!  Hear what he had to say about it Dylan Bell gives SOS-Radio Podcast host, Jason Nhyte, an on air reading Music for this episode: Adele – […]

03 Apr 2017

Episode 38: Psychic Recap and Wisconsin Wanderings

Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast Podcast Episode 38: Psychic Recap and Wisconsin Wanderings Topics include: Listen to “Episode 38: Psychic Recap and Wisconsin Wanderings” on Spreaker. Recap of SOS-Radio Podcast Episode 37 and the time we spent with psychic Dylan Bell Video of Dylan Bell reading Supernatural Occurrence Studies hosts AVAILABLE HERE Join us on our impromptu road trip to Kenosha, WI as we try to discover haunted locations “on the fly” using only Dave Black’s and Joe Erie’s heightened senses Listen as we stumble […]