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23 Dec 2019

Episode 106: Merry Yuletide

Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast Episode 106: Merry Yuletide Topics include: Listen to “Episode 106: Merry Yuletide” on Spreaker. – This episode was recorded on December 20th, also known as “Mothernight” in Norse Pagan tradition, the first night of Yule – Where do modern Christmas traditions come from? In this Yuletide episode, special guest, Minister Sal, ordained Goði and Asatru chieftain, explains the ancient beliefs and practices of the Norse Pagan – “Wyrd” but true! Norse Pagan origins of Christmas, Santa […]

24 Dec 2018

Episode 82: Mystery of the 33rd Parallel

Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast Episode 82: Mystery Of The 33rd Parallel Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our loyal listeners!  Here’s to another great year!   Topics include: Listen to “Episode 82: Mystery of the 33rd Parallel” on Spreaker. – What do Saddam Hussein, Freemasons, Roswell, John F Kennedy, the Phoenix Lights, the Battle of Los Angeles, the death penalty, the Bermuda Triangle, UFOs, Babylon, and Jesus Christ all have in common?  The 33rd Parallel! – What are lines […]