Episode 44: LIVE Hunting the Beast of Bray Road

Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast Episode 44: LIVE Hunting the Beast of Bray Road

Topics include:
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  • The Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast takes the show on the road to hunt the elusive, frightening, Beast of Bray Road
  • What is the Beast of Bray Road?  A werewolf?  Bear-wolf hybrid?  Dire wolf?  Something else?
  • Learn about history and people’s heart stopping encounters with the Beast.
  • Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast hosts venture out to Elkhorn, WI, the epicenter of mysterious sightings and encounters with the Beast.  What did they find?
  • Dave Black, Joe Erie and Oscar Spectir visit the Sports Page Barr, an Elkhorn, WI watering hole, and interview locals about lore surrounding the Beast.  The drinks were flowing and locals more than willing to talk! Definitely a crazy adventure!
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