8 x 10 full-color reproduction of Chicago’s Own: Supernatural Occurrence Studies famous photographs!
Everyone has pictures of little Billy or Fluffy the pooch on display around the house, but how many people have pictures of actual GHOSTS on display? Imagine the curiosity these photos will illicit among your guests. Each photo is signed, numbered and limited to 666 pieces. SOS photos are quickly becoming highly sought after items by paranormal enthusiasts, collectors of the strange, fans of the Windy City and history buffs alike.

This particular photo was taken by SOS’ own Dave Black at one of Chicago’s most notorious Outfit-significant locations – The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre site. This photo was captured on Valentine’s Day 1998 – the 69th anniversary of the bloody event and appeals to a wide audience: paranormal enthusiasts, fans of the Windy City, history buffs and those interested in old Chicago Outfit figures and legends. The only photo in existence showing paranormal happenings on these grounds! A must have! Photo also be seen in Chicago Haunts: the Revised Edition by Lake Claremont Press (pg. 122).
All photos ship matted and read to be framed



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