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Photos marked ©Supernatural Occurrence Studies were taken by members of Chicago’s Own: Supernatural Occurrence Studies and have not been doctored in any way. Nearly all were shot on simple 35mm cameras.

Pictures like the ones contained within this gallery are not the norm. It is extremely difficult to obtain results like this in just one night of ghost hunting. Instead, CO:SOS photos have been compiled over the nearly twenty years they have been researching the paranormal. For every one photo seen here, countless rolls of film were developed with no results. All conditions are controlled as much as possible during hunting sessions. Atmospheric conditions, outside interference (lights, reflective materials, etc.) were all accounted for.

Something was present during their hunting sessions resulting in that something being burned onto negatives. What that something is, SOS cannot say with one hundred percent confidence. What they believe appears on film is what they deemed Trace Energy, the stuff ghosts are made of, a term they coined.

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