Chicago’s Own: Supernatural Occurrence Studies is a paranormal research team out of, you guessed it, Chicago, Illinois. Together, members of SOS have been researching the paranormal for nearly 20-years, both in Chicago and abroad. We proudly bring you The Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast, a fortnightly podcast dedicated to all things strange and off-kilter: ghosts, aliens, conspiracy, cryptids, and anything…not quite right. This is the ONLY paranormal podcast that dares to take listeners on the road and into REAL haunted/hexed/alien-visited locations. Now YOU can experience firsthand what it's like to be immersed in the otherworldly! You never know what's going to happen on a podcast adventure or who (or what) we will bump into. Rest assured, kind visitor, while we are out risking life and limb to bring you stories, you will be safe and sound in your warm, comfortable surroundings. Or will you? Cue scary music now....

Jason Nhyte

.Podcast Host.
.SOS Founder.

.Husband. Idea Man.
.Paranormal Sensitivity Level = Cement Brick.

Dave Black

.SOS Co-Founder.
.Constant Skeptic.
.Professional Comedian.
.Hunter & Gatherer.
.Paranormal Sensitivity Level = Off the Charts.

Joe Erie

.SOS Co-Founder.
.Father. Husband.
.Perpetual Believer.
.The Paranormal Jeff Spicoli (Google it).
.Paranormal Sensitivity Level = Off the Charts.

Oscar Spectir

.Film & TV Expert.
.Paranormal Sensitivity Level = Nano-Kevlar.


This is what you've come for! To laugh. To cry. To be scared. To be amazed. Follow us to abandoned cemeteries, haunted houses, murder sites, and infamous locations. Click the links to your favorite podcast catcher and subscribe to The Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast. We love to read reviews on the show! Be sure to give us a rating on iTunes, and if we read YOUR review, we just might send you something pretty.

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15 Nov 2016

UFO Over Chicago – November 6, 2016

UFO captured on cell phone by Joe Erie’s father, Mario Erie. Cell phone footage captured on November 6, 2016 at 2 o’clock AM Central in River Grove, Illinois. Photographs of the same object were captured by Erie’s friend, Jorie, in Evanston, Illinois at the same time. Evanston, IL is 19 miles from River Grove, IL. Tell us if you witnessed this object on November 6, 2016 and/or what you think this is. Listen to the SOS-RADIO podcast on iTunes, Google […]

18 Mar 2016

Chicago’s Own: Supernatural Occurrence Studies In the News

Chicago’s Own: Supernatural Occurrence Studies in the news

21 Jan 2016

Chicago’s Own: Supernatural Occurrence Studies App Now on Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore!

Chicago’s Own: Supernatural Occurrence Studies (SOS) just launched a companion application on Google Play and Amazon Appstore! Apple App Store version coming in two weeks. Search “Supernatural OccurrenceStudies” (OccurrenceStudies is one word). Download today…it’s FREE! Look for this logo

15 Dec 2015

Chicago’s Own: Supernatural Occurrence Studies’ Jason Nhyte on Cancel the Cabal with Stephen Roberts 12-13-15

Jason Nhyte spent an hour talking about different paranormal topics with Stephen Roberts, self-proclaimed “corruption exposing journalist” and government conspiracy expert, and host of Cancel the Cabal internet radio show. Cancel the Cabal is syndicated worldwide and can be listened to on Peoples Internet Radio, FreedomSlips.com, BBSRadio.com and PSNRadio.com Topics of our 1-hour discussion include: Ghosts, Hauntings, Shadow People, Alternate Realities, More… Click Here for Audio & Video Interview – Supernatural Occurrence Studies T-shirts are here!  Order yours today and […]


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