Oscar Spectir | SOS-Radio Producer / Co-host Member Chicago’s Own: Supernatural Occurrence Studies (SOS)

Oscar Spectir’s fascination with the supernatural goes back to his childhood. Growing up in Chicago, Spectir learned that life is truly stranger than fiction as he learned firsthand about folktales of crime and the bizarre.

Joining Supernatural Occurrence Studies several years ago rekindled within Spectir the spark to research, speculate and inform others about what is really out there.

Spectir has extensive experience within the world of film, cinematography and podcasting. Spectir hosts, produces and edits the film review podcast Another Movie Podcast and is a regular contributor to two Chicago blogs. Conversations with Spectir are never boring and he promises to provide SOS-Radio with steady, thought provoking insights.

Spectir’s online media experience will help provide the means for Supernatural Occurrence Studies to spread the word to as many people as possible that what they are experiencing is real and it deserves investigation and recognition.

Contact Oscar Spectir at: Submissions@SOS-Radio.com

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