Jason Nhyte | SOS-Radio Host Founder, Chicago’s Own: Supernatural Occurrence Studies (SOS)

Husband. Father. Supernatural Occurrence Studies founder. Business professional. Writer. Editor.

Jason Nhyte created Supernatural Occurrence Studies, along with Dave Black, in February 1998. Since childhood, Nhyte has been interested in ghosts and scary stuff. Although it is his mother with whom he credits for his strange fascination. “My mom was the first person to cut a hole in the fence at Batchelor Grove Cemetery!” he says proudly. “It must run in the family”. Nhyte’s mother used to tell him stories of her own ghostly investigations, and also happens to be one of the lucky few to have witnessed the infamous disappearing house near Batchelor Grove, a cemetery considered to be one of the most haunted in the world.

Nhyte was born and raised in Chicago and grew up in a house that had regular paranormal activity, which was witnessed by family and friends alike. Appliances turning on by themselves, orbs of light, disembodied voices, apparitions and things moving on their own, were common occurrences in Nhyte‘s household. No wonder he is obsessed with all things odd and off-kilter.

Nhyte suffers from an attachment. A shadowy figure referred to as Mr. Lincoln has followed Nhyte for a decade. He was forced to stop investigating the paranormal when his then 4-year-old daughter complained of “a tall, skinny, black shadow” watching her from the corner of her bedroom. Nhyte immediately ceased his ghostly activities, and Mr. Lincoln had rarely been seen since. But Nhyte is from Chicago, is street tough and street smart and takes no BS from anyone…or anything. He absolutely refuses to let entities like Mr. Lincoln stop him from doing what he wants, and now that his daughter has been affected, it’s personal. For Nhyte, SOS-Radio.com is his way of shining light on things like Mr. Lincoln, whatever they are, in hopes of ending his family’s attachment.

Nhyte received a BA in Journalism with a Theology minor from haunted Dominican University in River Forest, IL.

Besides chasing the weird and the strange and hosting SOS-Radio, Nhyte is a successful corporate trainer/facilitator for a global technology company.

Contact Jason Nhyte: Submissions@SOS-Radio.com

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