Infinity: Chicago’s Own: Supernatural Occurrence Studies’ Controversial Outlook on Hauntings

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To understand what infinity truly means, one must first let go of the actual concept of perception itself.  Our reality is exactly that – it’s our reality.  Essentially, everything we believe, see, feel, hear and experience is false, or not entirely true.  As an example, we may see the sky as blue.  A cat may see it in shades of gray.  Meaning, the sky isn’t necessarily blue, that’s just the way our eyes perceive it.  This simple example is true of much of what we, as humans, consider real.  Reality is variable.  Think of the movie, “The Matrix.”  It is the closest parallel we can make.

Simple concepts of science such as mathematics, gravity, the table of elements and even time itself, only exist in our minds on our planet.  There may be other dimensions or planets somewhere out in the universe where these simple principles do not apply.  A place where everything may be skewed, reversed or couldn’t even possibly be conceived of or comprehended by an individual mind.

Humans are intelligent beings.  Intelligent beings need to have answers for why things are the way they are.  When we cannot figure out why things are the way they are, we fabricate answers.  The basic concept behind all religions is to answer the unanswered questions, to provide balance and stability.  To keep our minds from being forced to realize we can never know the absolute truth.

The concept of truth itself applies to rational thought, which in itself is merely a function of the human mind.  The truth is that there is no truth.  Whether it be a divine being that created man from earth, Apollo carrying the sun across the sky in a chariot, the Son of God being born on Earth to suffer for man’s sins or the Big Bang Theory – all have been accepted by different people to make sense out of chaos.

The simple solution is that the universe itself was never created, it has always been.  The entire concept of everything having a starting point and an ending point is once again a figment of our reality.  The ultimate beginning and end is birth and death.  But birth is spawned from life.  That which gives birth had been born from its parent, which was born from its parent.  As far back as that cycle is traced there will never be a starting point.  The classic scenario is, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg”.  Even if a life form dies before giving birth, its body will be broken down back into the earth, to fertilize plants and microorganisms, which feed other living things.

We have come to realize in elementary education that everything in nature is part of a never-ending cycle.  The water cycle, the seasons, the cycle of life – the list goes on and on.  Earth itself orbits around the sun, as do the other planets, while moons orbit the planets, all of which are round themselves and constantly whirling around, everything comes back to where it once was.

Therefore, everything in nature is infinite, in that it has no beginning or end.  Like the hands of a clock, time itself is in a constant cycle that never starts and never ends.  This essentially leads us to conclude that linear time does not actually exist, except in our conscious minds in our perception of reality.  The concept of time is not a tangible truth. When we are dreaming, or in an unconscious state of mind, measurable time is meaningless.  We can have a dream that seems 10 hours long, in fifteen minutes, or vice versa.  When our minds are occupied, our concept of time speeds up.  Hence the old saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun” is actually literal, because time is perceived differently according to how occupied your mind is.  When you go to sleep for 12 hours, it certainly doesn’t seem like the same 12 hours you experience while you’re awake.  

To further demonstrate the idea of time perception, a dog lives for around 12 years, a human lives for approximately 80.  So does a dog experience a month in the same way a human would experience a year?  A fly lives for 48 hours.  Does it experience a minute as we would an hour – does it experience time at all?  Or are we the only ones who care enough to notice time?

Mathematics proves that infinity exists even within our reality.  As an example divide 10 by 3.  Infinity can only be understood on its surface level, but can never be fully comprehended by the human mind, for it defies logic.  We have become imprisoned in our self-made reality, pawns within ourselves, in an elaborate game that can never end.  Ending applies to time, and time is part of the game.  Even conversations about infinity will come full circle, never really getting anywhere.  In infinity, everything has to repeat itself eventually, which means in some other galaxy, dimension or time your doppelganger is reading this very same thing.

Infinity is the only tangible truth, and if infinity is the only truth, then logically, nothing ever began and nothing will ever end.  The universe has always existed, and always will be.  That is to say, life never began, it only changes form within its endless cycle.  Energy is never created, or destroyed, including all that which supports life.

So how does this all pertain to the supernatural?  The energy that we can prove is present, and have photographed, may once have been in a different form.  Perhaps some of this energy may have been that which drove a human body.  The human brain uses electrochemical energy to transmit information – most likely the same type, or frequency, of energy that is the cause of a haunting.

Therefore, once the energy from a human brain leaves the body, it is in an unconscious, or dreamlike, state.  This means the rational laws of time no longer exist to this energy.  If this energy carries with it the thought processes and “imprints” of the personality of the person from which it came, then it may conceivably be from a person that lived many years ago, or possibly even in our future.

The reason why the energy associated with a haunting may be so baffling is because it punches a hole in the brick wall, which is our perception of reality.  The combination of the human subconscious, along with the actual energy that is apparently present throughout the world, is mind-boggling.  We have even considered the scenario that it may be our own energy trying to communicate with us.  Time is non-existent to this energy, creating many possible scenarios.

We challenge everyone reading this to ask yourselves this question, “Why do we believe what we believe?”  The principles of science, religion, love, culture, tradition, history and virtually everything we learn in life.  We do not question it, because that is what we were told or taught, by our parents, teachers, experts and leaders.  We take most “facts” as they are given.  Is it possible that the boundaries of reality are only boundaries because they are perceived by our conditioned minds to be so?

If you were raised Catholic, you believe in Catholicism. If you were raised Jewish, you’d believe in Judaism.  If you were raised as a Muslim, you would be Muslim.  Is one better than the other?  Or do you truly only accept what you were raised to accept because that is all you know?  Most beliefs are taught, i.e. they are not your beliefs; you were conditioned to accept them as your beliefs.

One way we often challenge people to think about infinity and reality is this: have you, yourself at some point in your life come close to death?  Everyone has had a near miss of one kind or another.  Consider this, you actually died in that accident, or from that surgery, or even in your sleep.  Everything that you have done, from that point on, including reading this, has been your imagined perception of what your life would have been had you not died.  Within your last mortal thought, time was erased and everything that has happened, and continues to happen, is all in your mind.

What this means is, if you realized you had died, whatever you imagined as an afterlife would be your personal afterlife.  If you think you’ll see your loved ones, you will.  If you think you’ll come back as a bunny, you will.  Or at least as far as you know.  Once you are released from your conscious mind, you are forever in a dream.  

Or is it the other way around?

The only absolute truth…is that no one will ever know the absolute truth.

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