Haunting Taxonomy – A NEW Science for Classifying Hauntings

There are two main forms of energies that create a haunting, and possibly a third.

Communis – Arguably the most common type of haunting, Communis or collective energy is often experienced in normally crowded places such as movie theaters, bars, night clubs, churches, funeral homes, and the like. Communis energy is essentially derived mostly from living human beings experiencing boisterous or emotional activity in an enclosed space.  It is a collective energy of many living people that imprints on to a physical location. What some might refer to a place as having a “buzz” to it.

Mortem – Another very common energy associated with hauntings is the most obvious, the energy left behind after a person(s) die. This type of energy can be experienced almost anywhere a person has died. Traumatic deaths by accident, murder, or fire always seem to have a greater strength and presence than those caused by a more natural death such as heart attack or cancer. Generally speaking relatively few deaths will create a measurable haunting.

Vitaeforma Industria – An entirely hypothetical energy is that of a living being that has no physical biological form and is entirely energy or chemical based. Theorized to exist in other dimensions or perhaps even in other parts of our universe by great minds such as Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Stephen Hawking, it is entirely possible that such inorganic lifeforms exist in our realm. Phenomonon often described as “rods” or “orbs” may be evidence of these types of energy which may be the origin of the mythology of things like fairies and even angels.

There are different forms of energy that inhabit a haunted place that all behave and react differently to their surroundings and visitors. Essentially a “ghost” field guide.

Ambientum – This is the most common type of haunting encountered, often associated with Communis energies. This is the type of haunting that seems to envelop an entire building or space, giving the whole area an equivalent feeling of a presence. A “static buzz” throughout, if you will, that can be felt by those that are sensitive immediately upon arrival and throughout the entire property. Often associated with these types of hauntings are audible activity such as footsteps, commotion, voices, clinking glasses, and the like, and occasional peripheral shadows and forms.

Vestibulum – More of a symptom of haunting, Vestibulum is a static, typically Mortem type energy that holds in one specific place and is constantly present. Sometimes referred to as a “vortex”, it’s an energy field that can be felt in certain spots or create “walls” or “spikes” of energy throughout a location, even throughout multiple floors. Often associated with buildings and homes, it can often be attributed to being the exact spot someone died in, or in rare cases, a traumatic but non-fatal event occurred, leaving an impression on that physical space. There is no specific phenomenon associated with Vestibulum aside from its constant presence that can be felt and the fact that pets will seem to avoid it.

Decipula – This is another fairly common type of haunting often associated with Mortem energies and the variety most commonly found in homes or in areas where murder or accident victims have been found. A Decipula energy is generally confined to one room or a small radius within an area it seems confined to, but can be very active and boisterous in that space. It can be felt in that one small area, and can bounce around or follow you throughout a room, but rarely travels or moves outside of it. Often associated with a room or place in which a person has passed away, with these types of hauntings come audible and visual hallucinations, children or pets interacting or reacting to it, and strange visions or dreams.

Mobili – This is a somewhat rare type of energy that can be attributed to any type of haunting but is most often of the Mortem variety. This is an energy that is not only extremely omnipresent, seemingly conscious and active, but can come and go as it pleases and is often highly attracted to certain personality types. A sort of “stray dog” energy that can follow an individual or individuals well beyond the boundaries of it’s origin, and in extremely rare cases, can attach itself to certain people and even follow them home. Essentially this is the type of energy that can be responsible for a “possession” if you will, or at least the closest thing to possession you can get outside of Hollywood movies. Typically any haunting phenomenon can be attributed to a Mobili energy and can often linger well after coming into contact with it, even hours or days later.  Visual/audible hallucinations and feelings of being watched or followed are not uncommon.


These are essentially the basics broken down, but there are many levels in between, and blending and blurring of the lines in between types and sources of energies. For instance, any haunted place can have both Communis and Mortem energies present from several sources that range throughout all the various forms. This guide is a way to describe individual energies and hauntings encountered.

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