Frequencies – Dave Black’s Theory on Why We Experience Paranormal Phenomenon

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Since a very young age, I realized I possess something most people don’t.  Visions would pop into my mind moments before they happened.  Words would pop into my head moments before they were said.  I would think of someone moments before they called me on the phone or bumped into me somewhere.  I never fully understood what it all meant.  I figured everyone experienced such events – and many people do.  But for me, this was happening seven or eight times a day.  It would come in cycles, almost seasonally, the intensity of my premonitional state of mind.  Some experiences were more notable than others.  Some experiences went beyond being dismissed as mere coincidence.

I was sitting at home watching television one day aimlessly flipping through the channels.  I temporarily stopped on a public access cooking show that I would occasionally watch.  I began to have an internal dialogue with myself about having my own public access cooking show.  I thought, “I like to cook.  I should have my own cooking show.  I like using K.C. Masterpiece barbecue sauce in a lot of my recipes.  I wonder if they would sponsor me?  I wonder what company owns K.C. Masterpiece barbecue sauce?”

No sooner than the thought came to my mind did I dismiss it, only because that was just another scheme in a long line of Kramer-esque projects that I have thought of, but have never done anything about.  I switched the channel to, Win Ben Stein’s Money on Comedy Central; the third trivia question into the show was, “What company owns K.C. Masterpiece barbecue sauce?”  The answer was the Clorox Company.  This had to be much more than a mere coincidence.

Consider this: the specific question I asked myself – about a specific brand of barbecue sauce – was answered for me only three minutes after I thought of it.  Taking into consideration the specific time I turned on the television to watch that show, then change the channel at the right time to the other show, thinking that exact same question, about that exact brand of barbecue sauce, with the question being asked in same exact format, has to be somewhere along the lines of a one-in-a-trillion chance of mere coincidence.  As silly as the premise is, and as anti-climactic this event was, it was the one event that really convinced me that there had to be something more going on in our minds than we currently understand.  This had to be more than chance.

I think everyone can relate to the experience of thinking of a good friend or family member only seconds before the phone rings and it’s them, prompting the, “I was just thinking of you,” response.  Or the even stranger phenomenon of picking up the phone to call someone, and they’re already there, on the other end of line.  Next time you experience this, ask that person if they just now thought of you as randomly as the thought of them popped into your head.  After asking this every time it happens, you’ll begin to realize that you both thought of each other, or had the impulse to call each other, at the exact same moment.  It’s almost as if there is an unknown line of direct communication going on between us – as if we are working on the same frequency.

It is already known by science that when women live together in the same place for a long time, their menstrual cycles will eventually line up.  Is it a far stretch to believe that if you become close to someone, or feel connected to him or her, your brainwaves eventually line up?  There are plenty of people with close relationships who could practically finish each other’s sentences, tell when something is wrong or possibly even know when the other person is thinking about them.

Whether you want to admit it or not, everyone has at least a mild sense of extra sensory perception (ESP).  I honestly believe that the human race is currently developing this sense to counteract man’s tendency to be lying, backstabbing and deceitful.  I think that everyone can admit that they can feel some one’s glare across a crowded room, or get a bad vibe off of someone who eventually tries to hurt you or someone you know.  Maybe you can just tell when someone is hiding something.  Some people may be more comfortable calling it intuition, but in reality, these are all examples of how we use our sixth sense abilities every day.  It is this sense that is the key to understanding the things we don’t comprehend.

It has been known by science for quite some time that our brains transmit neurological information through electrochemical impulses.  These signals are constantly bounding through our bodies, carrying and sending information to make our bodies function properly on a grand scale.  Is it far fetched to insinuate that the entire planet itself is working on much the same system?  Which is to say amongst all the living things on the planet there is some sort of symbiosis – signals that bound from place to place carrying the information that will determine what is to happen next?  As if in some sense, everything that happens has been predetermined somewhere, by some sort of collective consciousness.  

Essentially, in one way or another, everything and everyone is connected.  Our minds are not only receivers for this information but also transmitters.  In all those signals that are bounding around our bodies, there are some that are leaving us and even still some that we are picking up.  It is as if our mind is a radio station that plays “songs” or information for our bodies.  Much like a radio station, a lot of signals can be lost into the open air to be received by another radio station, and vice versa.

There are thousands upon thousand of signals from this collective consciousness bounding around you at all times, most of which are too weak or indecipherable to be read.  But occasionally, if your mind is tuned into the right frequency, it will pick up these signals and our subconscious mind will translate them.  Therefore giving us insight into the pre-designated future.  

Some people are working with a better frequency scanner that has a wider range, which is why some people are more sixth-sense aware than others.  This also coincides with SOS’ Infinity Theory, that essentially time is a man-made construct and everything is happening on the same plane of existence and past, present and future are irrelevant.

My original intent of putting this particular piece of writing together was to better describe one of my many theories on hauntings, but I went off on an unforeseen tangent, and developed yet another theory.  Based on the above described premise here is an excerpt of SOS’ theory as published on our previous website:

The human brain uses electro-chemical impulses and signals to transmit information.  The Trace-Energy in which we are dealing with is either one of two things:


  • The remnant energy from a once living being, and / or at some point spawned from a living being
  • A naturally occurring phenomenon (or life form, which doesn’t necessarily have to be organic) that is working on much the same level as our human mind, and in some respects may be able to collect information from it.  The Trace-Energy may maintain with it certain brain waves, thought processes & patterns of the person(s) it came from, or came in contact with.


Our mind is like an internally wired radio station, processing data and eventually converting that data into readable information either externally or internally (speech, visual, sensory, stored knowledge, etc.).  Like radio signals, some of this information strays off into the cosmos, lost forever or eventually bounces back to be picked up again.  There is no doubt a wealth of signals storing all types of information are bouncing around like radio signals emitted from our brains.  In several instances it has been displayed to SOS, that the Trace-Energy is in fact picking up some of these signals and using a living human mind as a means of translating it.

Essentially, if you were driving through the countryside with your car radio tuned to static, sooner or later it would pick something up.  It may just be an indistinguishable farm report, or it may be a full fledged and recognizable Def Leppard song or somewhere in between.  Our minds are always tuned to a static frequency, ready to receive any information that may come our way.  So, if you’re in the right place, at the right time, tuned to the right frequency, you may hear Pour Some Sugar on Me, or just clipped speech.  

In other words you may hear, feel, see or experience an induced hallucination as a result of coming in contact with the Trace Energy that has stored this information.  In Supernatural Occurrence Studies’ opinion, when a witness sees the typical woman in white, hears a child laughing, feels overwhelming sadness or sees a man dressed in black, they are in fact experiencing someone else’s stored thoughts or stronger memories (i.e. their wife on her wedding day, they’re child laughing and playing, their father going off to work, etc.) as transferred by the energy.  This theory seems to us as being much more logical than the simple solution of, “an invisible person walking the earth in limbo“.

The only thing that I can say for absolute certain is that the human mind is a complex place.  Even in this day and age of technological advances and medical science, we still do not fully understand the functions of the different parts of the brain.  I think everyone can agree that there is much more going on inside our minds than we can understand, and with time, experimentation and research, eventually we may work it all out.  Or perhaps one of the functions of our mind is to protect us by keeping us in the dark.

All I ask of you, the reader, is to expand your mind – think outside of the box while remaining grounded.  Like the old bumper sticker says, “Question Reality.”

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