Episode 91: Amityville Horror – Part 2

Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast Episode 91: Amityville Horror – Part 2

Topics include:
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Listen to Episode 90 before listening to this episode!

– Episode 91 picks up 13-months after the DeFeo murders when George and Kathy Lutz purchase 112 Ocean Avenue

– Why did the Lutz’s flee their dream home in terror after only living at 112 Ocean Avenue for 28-days?

– Famed demonologists, Ed and Lorraine Warren, investigate the Amityville Horror house.  What did they find?

– Was a demon photographed inside the Amityville house?

– Famed parapsychologist, Hans Holzer, and deep trans medium, Ethel Johnson Meyers, investigate the Amityville Horror house.  What did they find?

– The Lutz’s story begins to unravel

– The business side of Amityville Horror explained

– Listen after the show for outtakes!

Picture of Amityville Horror house here

Video of Fr. Ralph Pecoraro describing house blessing incident here

Video of George and Kathy Lutz and actor James Brolin on Good Morning America here

Picture of the Amityville Horror “Demon Child” here

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