Episode 7: On location at the VERY Haunted Riverpool Studios, A Psychic and an EVP

Podcast Episode 7 topics include:

– On location at the VERY HAUNTED Riverpool Studios (Northwest side of Chicago)
– Guests: Jori the Psychic and one of the Top 10 indie bands in the nation and the world, The PondHawks (www.ThePondHawks.com)
– UPDATE: Podcast Episode 6 Explained: Charlie Charlie Challenge / Ouija Board and the mysterious end to Episode 6
– Mr. Lincoln Report: Hear Talia Nhyte’s scary experience with the entity known as “Mr. Lincoln”
– Dave Black suffers an on-air breakdown when he comes into direct contact with the energy at Riverpool Studios
– Hear an amazing, relevant EVP captured during one of The PondHawk’s mixing sessions at Riverpool Studios
– View pictures from this recording session on ChicagoGhostPodcast.com ->MEDIA ->Riverpool Studios
– More…

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