Episode 62: 04°29’33”N, 96°42’30”E

Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast Episode 62: 04°29’33”N, 96°42’30”E

Topics include:
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– We analyze a crazy viral event…as it’s unfolding!

– On March 13, 2018, Twitter user Ty (@strayedaway) uploaded a video of a mysterious voicemail he received, and that message is currently breaking the internet!

– What does the message mean? Who or what sent it? Who is it meant for?

– How does Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 fit into this mystery?

– What are Number Stations and how do they play into the mysterious message?

– Listen to REAL Number Station messages!

Video of Ty @Strayedaway playing the voicemail here

“Alien Found in Indonesia 2017” video here

The Conet Project cataloged Number Station recordings here

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– Listen after the show for outtakes!

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