Episode 52: LIVE from Little A’Le’Inn – Rachel, Nevada

Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast Episode 52: LIVE from Little A’Le’Inn – Rachel, Nevada

Topics include:
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– Part 5 of 6 of our Nevada Extraterrestrial and Ghost Odyssey

– We report from WORLD FAMOUS Little A’Le’Inn, an EXCELLENT restaurant and watering hole, and the only public facility in Rachel, Nevada, the closest populated town to top secret Area 51

– We interview Connie Nash, co-owner of Little A’Le’Inn, and daughter of founders Joe and Pat Travis

– Connie talks about her experiences with UFOs and other ariel phenomena around Area 51, and what it’s like to work at Little A’Le’Inn

– Unbelievably, we got the chance to interview the owner of Little A’Le’Inn, the wonderful Mrs. Pat Travis! Sit back and enjoy the simplicity, loveliness and wisdom of Mrs. Pat’s interview

– Mrs. Pat tells the story of “Archibald”, a strange entity that entered Little A’Le’Inn late one cold, snowy night. Is “Archibald” a ghost?  An alien?  What was the purpose of “Archibald’s” visit?

– Is Little A’Le’Inn haunted?

– While recording this episode, we had the pleasure of meeting Fearful Jesuit of The Paranoid Strain Podcast.  The Paranoid Strain is a smart, funny, well-produced show, that explains conspiracy theories to everyday people.  We suggest subscribing to The Paranoid Strain on iTunes.  You won’t be disappointed!

– Music for this episode
Lagwagon – Alien8 
Fischerspooner – Ritz 107

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