Episode 16: LIVE at the HAUNTED Pfister Hotel (Part 1)

Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast Episode 16: LIVE at the HAUNTED Pfister Hotel (Part 1)
Topics include:
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– REPORTING LIVE from The Pfister Hotel – a historic Milwaukee, WI hotel famous for its opulence AND hauntings. Phantom dogs running the halls, electrical anomalies, things moving on their own and ghostly apparitions are said to plague The Pfister. Pfister ghosts are famously known to accost visiting Major League Baseball players.
– Listen to the Ouija Board session conducted in our king suite #842 in the old section of the hotel
– Dave Black’s Pfister Hotel investigation (Joe Erie and Jason Nhyte’s investigation coming in Part 2)
– Mr. Lincoln Report: The Fireside Restaurant – Our team dinner before the Pfister Hotel investigation turns into a lead
– NOTE: Podcast episode 17: Pfister Hotel investigation Part 2 coming June 13, 2016

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