Dave Black | SOS-Radio Co-host Co-Founder, Chicago’s Own: Supernatural Occurrence Studies (SOS)

Clairsensitive. Theorist. Writer. Comedian.

Dave Black was born in mid-October of 1976 in Skokie Illinois, where he grew up in a casual Jewish household. By the age of 12 Black had made the decision that religion was not his forte and that he was perfectly comfortable with the fact that “the only thing he knew for sure is that he didn’t know,” a statement that is reaffirmed for him nearly every day.

Since a very young age, Black realized that he had something, a sense, greater evolved than those around him. He would think or dream of things before they happened. Everyone has it happen every now and then, think of a friend just moments before they call, or think of someone you haven’t seen in a long time and suddenly they appear at your grocery store. But for Black, the frequency of these occurrences were much greater than most people experience.

It was because of this sense that Black’s mind naturally pondered the supernatural. He always watched documentaries about UFOs, Bigfoot, Loch Ness and ghosts.

It wasn’t until a crisp winter day in early 1998 that Black finally realized what it all meant. He could feel it, everywhere. Among us, everywhere we go, there is Trace Energy, left behind from someone or something, that for some reason he could sense. Combining this newfound talent with his complex thinking, there was no way he could shy away from trying to figure out the mystery.

Black feels that it is one of his most important goals in life to find out all he can to help solve the mystery of what a haunting is, and what, if any, connection it may have to death and an afterlife.

Dave Black, along with Jason Nhyte, personally found nearly 80 haunted locations with merely a gut feeling, the sense, and intends to document and study as much as he can in his lifetime to help understand what it all means, and maybe even lay down the tracks to help future generations of ghost hunters come closer to an answer.

Contact Dave Black at: Submissions@SOS-Radio.com

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